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Man Kaur breaks her own record in 100+ Age Category Sprint

 Man Kaur crossed the finishing line, in a 100 m sprint at World’s master Games in Auckland, New Zealand, she improved her own record by seven seconds in 100+ age category.
Earlier it was 1 min 21 second, previously best recorded at American Masters Games. 
Gurdev Singh, Kaur’s son believes that mother could have ran faster and completed the race under 1 minute. Gurdev expressed ” Mother could have run faster”

“She could have completed the race in under a minute. But she reacted late to the starter’s gun. It took her some time to realise that the race had already started and hence she lost a few crucial seconds. Otherwise, she would have clocked under a minute,” the 79-year-old added.

Chandigarh based Man Kaur spends her year in two halves. Six months in Chandigarh with daughter Amrit Kaur while another six months in Toronto with son Gurdev Singh.
Man Kaur practised for 6 months in Patiala at Punjabi University grounds before travelling to  Auckland for this compitition.

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