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IWL 2019: New Season brings fresh air to Women’s football

With a booming addition to the quantity of participants, the third season of the Hero Indian Women’s League (IWL) has already marked it’s outset on the 5th of May, at The Guru Nanak Stadium, Ludhiana. The former seasons being rather lackluster with the activity of a handful of 6 to 7 teams, this edition is believed to evoke action and zing for the three consecutive weeks to come.

The league this time has been joining the dots throughout the country geographically, with clubs from almost every corner popping up with their girls for a fight on the larger field. Ranging from Odisha to Gujarat and from Uttar Pradesh to Tamil Nadu, this tournament deserves celebration.

Owing to the rise in number, the 12 contenders have been grouped into two:

Group A:

1.Rising Student’s Club
2.Gokulam Kerala FC
3. FC Alakhpura
4. Hans Women’s FC
5. Central SSB Women’s Football Team
6. Panjim Footballers

Group B:

1. Police SC
2. Sethu FC
3. Bangalore United FC
4. SAI-STC Cuttack
5. FC Kolhapur City
6. Baroda Football Academy

Unfortunate on our part to miss out on the grandeur of “Eastern Sporting Union”(ESU) this season. (Note : They were the champions of the inaugural year and one of the toughest competitors of the prior

There’s absolutely no second thought over the possibility of mining out fresher talents to the limelight, more prominently, with the Women’s U-17 World Cup waving close at hand. To judge it from this perspective, would be quite studied an outlook.

If you’re keen to watch out for the big names and their even greater potential to perform, you’re absolutely not over expecting. The year this far, has been fairly promising for the girls in Blue (to not mention ourselves as the queen of SAFF would be unjust) and they hope to keep up the run as the able clubs haven’t failed to pick up our favourites over the transfer window.

Gokulam Kerala FC have roped in the likes of Dalima Chibber, Sanju Yadav, Anju Tamang with certainty that their presentation as of now has been the maximum. So have Rising Student’s FC excelled in picking up Sangita Basfore and Jabamani Tudu. Sethu FC on the other hand, have bagged in Dangmei Grace, Sabitra Bhandari, Indumathi Kathiresan, Ashalata Devi, Sandhiya Ranganathan and on.

However, the one to add the icing is Bangalore United FC. The former Tottenham and Fulham graduate of Indian descent, Tanvie Hans, nodded a yes to their proposal and made it sure that her strain and skill contributes to her only roots. In short, one can only await how the treasure troves of their favourites finally unbox.

The stage is all set. The launch of this season has already been remarkable with results of the first two days being:

DAY 1:
1. Alakhpura FC 1:0 Hans Women’s FC
2. Rising Student’s FC 0:5 Gokulam Kerala FC

DAY 2 has been further breath-taking with the score lines being,
1. FC Kolhapur City 4:3 Baroda Football Academy
2. Manipur Police SC 4:6 Sethu FC

The stage is all set. Tough to predict the plight, yet not too much to hope that the tournament gets talked about and plauded!

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