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It’s a great opportunity for me, I have never been the captain of a team of this level – Manmay Avashia

All kids need is a little help, A little hope, and somebody who believes in them. Manmay Avashia, a young football player, a hard working young athlete hailing from the state of Gujarat has his eyes set on high and is ready to work his heart out to reach the same goal. 

Opportunity is said to come only to those who are ready to make most out of it, Manmay’s hard work in the past has now presented him with a golden opportunity as he gets to lead Ahmedabad District FA’s U14 team in the upcoming 22nd Inter District Championship- 2017 scheduled to start from 14th July and will be held at Gayatri Mandir Ground, Palanpur, Gujarat.  

The Kahaani Sports Academy student does deserve more than just a mention and hence was interviewed, probably for the first time but definitely not the last seeing his determination, perseverance and hard work. 

Manmay was first asked about this golden opportunity and how it feels to captain a team of such a great calibre to which the bold colt replied, “This is a great opportunity for me. I mean I have never been the captain of a team of this level and above. So yeah, I feel great about this.” 

 A captain’s faith in his team is one of the most important parts which may lead a team to glory, Manmay’s faith is no less than needed as when asked the humble-hearted said, “Yes, we can win the tournament. Given that everybody put their 100%, we will surely win. But we have to put all our efforts.”
Manmay was asked is he was nervous about taking this responsibility at such a young age, to which a young Manmay gave an unexpected yet brave reply saying, “No, I am ready for whatever comes.” showing his determination and readiness to tackle whatever comes at him with ease. 
When asked about his preparations to lead the team and his approach to managing the team where we got another responsible and level-headed reply, I haven’t planned anything yet but I guess I’ll keep communicating with them formally and informally and preparing them for all the games. I will try creating the mindset that we can do it and we will win.” 
“I think this is really important that I am leading a district team and I am one of the best players in the whole district. So, I think this will really help me,” he quoted when was asked about how useful this opportunity could be for his football career ahead. 
Just as the pot is just a piece of clay without the right potter, Sports Academies play a very important role is shaping young a budding footballers for their bright futures ahead. Kahaani Sports Academy excels at this point as when asked about the role Kahaani Sports Academy played in this achievement of his, “I think the whole credit goes to Kahaani. Because through those training and camps, my coaches Nilesh Sir, Montu Sir and Akshay Sir have noticed all my weak points and helped me by telling me what to do and how to overcome the challenges I face. So yeah, the credit goes to Kahaani.” he claimed. 
With proper support, I am sure many other kids like Manmay Avashia can not only make a name for themselves in this world but also make us proud by making this seemingly herculean task an easy job out there. 
GoalBold always appreciates such stories hidden in the shadows waiting to come up in the light and we at GoalBold will be happy to share such stories and do our part. 

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