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“The ultimate dream is to win Red Bull Streetstyle”: Exclusive interview with freestyler Satish Sean

With the rise as a footballing nation, India recently has seen a little growth in the number of football freestylers coming out to the scene. When people are rooting for F2Freestylers, S3 Society etc. GoalBold.com talked to one of India’s finest prospect in the field of freestyling, Satish Sean of Bengaluru, about his journey in the field of freestyling so far. Here’s what Satish had to say about his journey-

  1. For how long are you into freestyling?
    I have been freestyling for around 6 years now.
  2. What caught your interest to seek freestyling as a profession?
    The chance to be able to make people aware of the sport, to be able to train others who are interested in learning freestyling. It gives me a sense of satisfaction when I see kids doing tricks which I have shown them, this thing drives me to dream big in this field.
  3. Whom do you admire from the field of freestyling?
    I admire Sean Garnier a lot. He has been doing a lot and bringing in a lot of focus to this field of sport.
  4. Why not a pro footballer rather than a freestyler?
    A pro footballer would usually attend matches, tournaments. As a freestyler, you have to make your body listen to you. It’s the moves, which has to be learnt right. This pushed the boundaries for me in this sport.
  5. How is the progress so far?
    The progress is immense. I won the Bangalore City qualifiers of Red Bull Streetstyle, 2014 and the journey has been successful. I am currently ranked for the city qualifiers for Red Bull Streetstyle. The progress is going really great for me.
  6. Is it all about self-learning or are there any kind of training programs?
    Yes, all the moves are self-taught. I used to watch the moves from YouTube and learn them myself.
  7. What are the difficulties have you faced so far in your journey?
    The major difficulty I have faced so far is the lack of funds. I do not have enough funds to take me to superball to bag a title. I have been struggling to collect funds for it. The scenario in our country is such that, people do not trust you and sponsors do not invest for you on your talent; sponsors come only when you’ve already made a name for yourself.
  8. How is the people’s response?
    The people’s response is really wonderful. People would stand up and applaud after every single performance. It is the people’s response that has kept me moving in the sport actually.
  9. What is the scenario in India when it comes to freestyling?
    The current scenario in India is pretty poor. Like I said, lack of advertising and marketing. It is still at a small stage with a very small audience.
  10. Till date, how many shows/events have you done?
    I have performed for more than 100 shows in India. Been performing for corporate shows, product launches, etc.
  11. Have you come across or talked to any freestyler who is not from India? If so, what have they told you about the freestyling scenario in their country? How is it compared to India?
    Yes, I am in touch with a freestyler from Chile, Aguilo Juanro.
    It is a full-fledged sport in most of the western countries. India is still very far behind in every aspect of the sport.
  12. Are you satisfied with your journey so far?
    Yes, I am very much satisfied with my journey. There’s still a lot to learn, but I am happy with how far I have come till now.
  13. How do you see yourself in the near future and how are you preparing yourself for such?
    I see myself as a professional freestyle footballer winning titles not only in the national events but also in the international events as well.
    Yes, I am preparing myself very well to achieve the chance to represent India at these international platforms.
  14. Finally, what’s the big dream and what would you suggest someone who is thinking of picking freestyling up as a profession?
    My ultimate dream is to win the Red Bull Streetstyle Championship.
    Yes, I shall definitely suggest more people to get into this sport. Amidst every other learning, this sport has taught me a lot about discipline.

Here’s Satish Sean expressing about his experience and the Indian freestyling scenario. There are already plenty more freestylers in the Indian circuit and we are looking forward to them to taste glory in the international circuit. Team Goalbold would like to wish luck to Satish for his upcoming ventures in his journey towards his ultimate dream and hoping for young talents to get inspired by his words to take freestyling as a profession.

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