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Exclusive Interview : Indian Football’s rock solid – Rino Anto

GoalBold.com got the opportunity to talk with Rino Anto who has made a name for himself in the Indian football with his rock solid defence as a right back turning each possible attack by the opposition out.

The 28 year old who hails from Thrissur, Kerala has faced many difficulties just as many other stars have to face for reaching this level but now where Rino has reached there is no turning back and after so much efforts one can expect no other than the ripe fruits of success.

Q. Bengaluru FC recently made a great run in the AFC Cup scripting history and setting foot where no Indian club had gone before tell us how the feeling was playing such a big game ? 

-“Yeah it was a great feeling because Bengaluru FC is the first team from India to qualify for the finals where all other team had failed in the semi finals, but atleast we tried our best against Air Force Club Iraq but we lost 1-0”

The historic fans got a lot of viewers and attracting from around the country be it a Mohun Bagan, a East Bengal fan or any other all the Indian football fans were united.


Q. Some members from West Block Blues travelled all the way to Doha from Bengaluru how was it to see them there?

-“They are the best fans in the country now in the I-League because they travel every where all over India too now they have started to travel outside the country also supporting the club which means the football popularity in the fans is more now.”

Q. How important are the fans according to you for any team?

-“Fans are one of the most important as I feel they are known as the 12th man as in very important for the team without whom a team can’t do anything”


Q. Albert Roca the new coach who replace Ashley Westwood how did he raise you spirits after Bengaluru went down fighting very hard in the AFC Cup final?

-“The spirit was same only he said we had already scripted history and also said that we have tried our best but we unfortunately lost and there is so shame when we face defeats after trying our level best, somethimes you lose sometimes you win the spirit is we will try harder next time and try being the champions” 

Q.What do you think is the x-factor that makes Bengaluru FC different than all other clubs?

-“The difference is professional infrastructure is there in other clubs and all it is less as compared. The GPS System, heart rate monitor then food, appartment we all are there like a family so many things are different from other clubs”


Q. Every football player dreams to represent his country did you even have the same dream?

-“Yeah i used to tell my daddy mummy that i want to play for the country like every other player from India”

Q.Who is your role model in football?

-“I have four role models actually who i grew up looking, Paulo Maldini, Jo Paul Ancheri, I M Vijayan and Bhaichung Bhutia.”


Q.How were you introduced to the sport of football?

-“I am from Kerala, we learn to play football at a very young age there is such a craze.I was playing for my school team when one of my father’s friend advised him to send me to a training camp in Thrissur.”

Q. You left football in between and took a job can you tell us more about it?

-“I was working in postal service for central government then I signed for Bengaluru FC where Ashely was the coach and yes 2012 was one of the most difficult phases of my life”

Q. Where do you see Bengaluru FC in I-League next season what are you aiming for?

-“Yeah we have to do our best we are the champion now because every team will try to retain the championship it will be a bit difficult to beat us because we are the champions and Roca also wants to win because it’s his first season with the club”


Q. Even Kerala fans are so good you are blessed to have both West Block blues and Kerala fans.

-“In I-League BFC fans are the best in ISL KBFC fans are the best its a real good feel to have them both”

It was a great time to talk with a humble man like Rino Anto we wish him all the best and hope that after all these hard times Rino will have sweet days coming on his way.




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