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Exclusive Interview: Indian Football’s Wonder Woman – Tanvie Hans

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GoalBold.com caught up with footballer Tanvie Hans who has made India proud on numerous occasions in an Interview. Here’s what she had to say :

When will we be able to see you playing for India?
– ‘I am ready from always but I’m just waiting for the passport. I have applied for it and now I’m hoping to get it as soon as possible.’


We haven’t seen you playing form a long time, if this is so how are you managing to be match fit?– – ‘Chauhan sir, my personal coach helps me maintain my fitness. I train with him for 5 days a week. The training is usually with boys which makes it a bit tough sometimes but Chauhan sir gives me some special attention by scheduling my training differently.’

The condition of women’s football is not that good in India, do u feel that we can change things around in the upcoming days?

– ‘Not playing regular football is one of the main problems leading to this point. If we somehow manage to make things better regarding this issue, I believe this problem will change. Actually speaking the condition of football is now is way better than when I started playing football. Many kids showing interest in the sport is one of the point which helps in this development. I still remember when I started playing football the number of girls playing this sport was way less than now and we would know each other personally then. Recently people have started taking this game seriously if the problem of not playing regular gets solved we will definitely perform better.’

You were playing good football in England making a name for yourself and getting regular starts for the clubs you played, but what happened suddenly that you came back to India?
– ( Tanvie laughs) ‘Nothing happened suddenly, I went to England only with the motive of learning as much as possible from there and later to implement the same thing coming back to India. Playing for India was my always my dream. I took a British passport to go and play in England. Actually that decision wasn’t mine. It was my parents when i was very young. So i didn’t have a choice. I didn’t know back then i’d have the potential to go and play football professionally. But now that I’ve grown older and i see it, I’m opting for an Indian passport so i can use what I’ve learn in UK here.’

Women’s league qualifiers started yesterday, as per our sources we got to know that the teams were informed just 1-2 days prior to the starting date. We feel this to be a decision taken in haste what are your views on it?

– ‘It would have been better if we were informed few days ago. Even we booked our tickets on Friday night and obviously the tickets couldn’t be confirmed at the last moment. Even our Coach faced some problems reaching in such a short notice. I am named as the captain of the team and will try to lead the team so as the team performs better.’ (Tanvie’s team Sudeva Women’s FC is no more participating in the tournament)

When did you join Sudeva Moonlight FC? Didn’t any big club try signing a star player like you?
– ‘I signed a contract with Moonlight FC roughly 2 months ago, now that I have signed for them, I will try to give my best for them. Anyways its the players who make a club big and not the name.”

Who is your role model in football?

– ‘No one specific but I want to take up qualities from all good footballers around the globe like shooting from Ronaldo, Dribbling from Messi, Ozil’s vision and a back heel like Zlatan. If such quality players are present why to make a single player as your role model?’

What’s the difference in Indian Football before and after according to you?
– ‘When i started playing the facilities then were limited as compared to now. The same isn’t true now. The condition is much better now. Many players are showing more interest now which lacked before. I hope in upcoming years we will make a name for ourselves in the world football.’

Photo Credit: Tanvie’s Social Media.

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