Blue print and vital decisions regarding football development in Delhi by DSA

The newly elected Managing Committee of Delhi Soccer Association ( DSA ) held its first meeting on 2nd December in New Delhi. The meeting was chaired by President, DSA Shaji Prabhakaran. Before the start of the meeting, a 2 minute silence was observed by the MC remembering late Priya Ranjan Dasmunsi ExPresident of AIFF and his contribution to Indian football. Following decisions were taken unanimously at the meeting:

1. DSA will appoint Men and Women State Coaches for Santosh Trophy and National Women’s Championship 2017-18 season through a transparent process. A three-member committee is formed to complete the process by 15th December 2017.
2. Competition calendar for the 2017-18 season will be finalized by 20th December 2017. The pending competitions involving Senior Division, A Div, B Div, Institutional League, Youth League and Women’s Championship will be initiated soon.
3. DSA to finalize a coach education policy and establish a coach education center by January 2018 including the release of the various course schedule.
4. DSA to appoint full-time General Secretary, Technical Director and an Accountant by February 2018. A three-member appointment committee is formed to finalize the recruitment process.
4. DSA to launch a stakeholders Registration and academy licensing system. A committee is formed to finalize the policy and timeline for its implementation.
5. A club income generation scheme to be launched including DSA specific assistance program to clubs. A three-member committee is formed to finalize the modalities to implement the plan.
6. A task force to be formed for Infrastructure partnership by 10th December 2017.
7. DSA, in order to strengthen its governance and various functions, have decided to form independent judicial bodies including a Reform and Governance Committee and An Advisory Panel. Other important Committee would be the DSA Ethics Committee.
8. Mr. NK Bhatia, Treasurer DSA will be the official spokesperson of DSA with immediate effect.
9. A three-member independent DSAwomen’s cell will be formed by 10th December 2017 to deal with women’s players’ issues.
10. A referee development programme to be finalized by the end of January 2018. A 5 member panel is formed to finalise the development programme for Referees.
11. DSA to request specific support from AIFF for the development of football in Delhi.
12. The calendar for the 2018-19 season will be notified by April 2018.
13. DSA will launch a new elite competition for clubs in the new season, called Delhi Premier Football League with 6-8 teams. The criteria and licensing aspects for clubs will be finalized by March 2018.
14. DSA will launch various youth, school, women’s and other competitions in the 2018-19 season including an elite institutional league.
15. DSA will develop a new brand identity and marks soon. It will be a 360-degree rebranding exercise and a tagline will be finalized following a contest.
16. DSA will promote absolute transparency is every aspect of its function and the organisation will adopt a proactive measures to promote transparency.
17. A finance management policy for DSA will be finalised by 25th December 2017 and the finance committee will be formed.
18. A welfare fund will be created to support the needy members of Delhi Football Family, especially for players, explayers, officials, etc to meet the health related emergencies. A committee is formed to finalise the policy.

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